Corporate Video - 2018
AIME has been working since 2005 to initiate, facilitate, unit, and power unlikely connections to inspire actions that create a fairer world, and in sync with their knowledge - refine a set of values on what it takes to be an unlikely mentor. AIME strives to bridge different social divides not only in Australia but worldwide - recently expanding its program to the US.
I was tasked with editing AIME's call out to mentors across Australia for Griffith University. I had the privilege of sitting in on one of AIME's mentoring sessions at Griffith's Nathan campus in Brisbane. The opportunity to be with the client in person allowed us to establish a deeper understanding of what they were looking for. 
The final video is now shown across various Griffith University campuses supporting its valued mentoring program. 
Director - Zaitoon Salman
Editor - Jamie Findley